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• Idaho Body Work •

They say you should always know a Doctor, a Mechanic, and Masseuse. Well, the Masseuse may be stretching it, but seriously, they’re good people to know, and Kristin with Idaho Body Work is the BEST. I don’t say that lightly, I am a massage connoisseur.

Kristin’s business was taking off so she needed a fresh new website with some modern features: a booking functionality that would sync with her Google Calendar. No Problem!

Don’t judge this beauty by the cover, it’s more tool than pretty face. The calendar has two-way syncing, which means not only does it upload all her appointments to her calendar, it blocks out the tie of anything that is added to the Google Calendar as unavailable.

As Kristin’s schedule became busier, having a hands-off booking option was a big time saver. She could focus on her customer’s and not taking appointments on the phone.