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• Potter Wines Web Design •

Sometimes you get lucky and hit the client Jackpot. That’s Potter Wines.

I love working with breweries and wineries, but Potter Wines is something extra special. Not only do they produce some truly amazing and award winning wines, but they are also one of only a handful of wineries that crafts a Jalapeno Wine series. This includes Jalapeno Wine, Chipotle Jalapeno Wine, a Seasonal Jalapeno Mulled Wine, and the unbeatable Jalapeno Wine Lemonade.

You can find the Potter’s (named for the creators Crystal and Von Potter), at the Boise Farmer’s and Outdoor Markets in the summer, and the Indoor Farmer’s Market in the Winter. Many local stores like the Boise Co-op and Fred Meyer carry their wines. We also made the site a fully shoppable e-commerce site for their out of town customers. And if you love a good wine tasting as at a production winery, than their Garden City Winery and Tasting Room is not to miss!

This tasting room, located in the heart of Boise in Garden City, is open Thursday – Sunday, and is kid friendly. Keep an eye on their events page for live music, dancing, Yoga, and even crafts like Paint ‘N Sip.

I have had the privalange to have worked with the Potter’s for several years now, designing their labels, websites,and market boothand I’m supposed to say I have a favorite client…..

When they opened the tasting room in the winter of 2018 we got to work designing the space. That was an fun and challenging adventure, and I got to add interior design to my resume. We really wanted the space to reflect the fun and unique look of the website.

At the beginning of the year I have also helped the winery with their SEO and local pages efforts.

Potter Wines is a good example of the full-service marketing done right! When your on-line presence matches your marketing materials, and your physical space, you can make really amazing impact on your customers. It doesn’t hurt to have really delicious product to boot!