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VIP Design Day

Image getting your new website up in ONE day!

• No Waitlist
• No drawn-out design process
• Undivided attention from your designer all day!

Now offering

A Full Day of VIP Attention

A full day will be blocked out for you,
and what YOU need to get done!


Quick Communication

You get to put Dapper Dog on speed dial for the day. Call, text, email, or video share.


Professional Quality

With over 20 years of experience you are guarantee to get high quality and professional results that you will love.


Instant Feedback

Your feedback will be implemented immediatly. 



Need and little graphic design? Need a few web edits? Need a short video? We’ll do whatever tasks you send us, and get as much done in the day as we can fit in!

“I am so pleased with the work we got done with Dapper Dog on our VIP Day! Casey guided me on how to prepare and the whole day went great and was so well organized, it made everything a breeze. We were able to get a whole new website up and started, My Google business page setup, branding standards set, and new business cards designed and ordered! This would have taken my staff months!”


– Vivienne Alver, CEO

What would YOU do with a full day?

Web Design

Build a whole new website, or give a refresh to an existing one. Your website will be built on a professional theme that you’ll be able to easily update yourself!

*3-5 pages for one day | 6-10 in 2 days.

Ecommerce Setup

Add that on-line store your WordPress website and expand your customer base! Getting your product or services online can exponentially increase your business!

Graphic Design

• Print Materials
• On-line banners and advertisements
• Business cards
• Flyers and Brochures
• Web Elements

*printing costs are not included

SEO Foundation

SEO is a long game, but we can set you up for a good foundation with:

• Optimized content
• Image Compression
• Google Analytics Setup
• Search Console Submission
• SEO Audit
• and more…


Let’s get your brand defined!
Color Palette, Logo, Fonts, Design Elements, and more…

Then let’s get your website landing page up, and whatever else we can do to get you off the ground running.

To-Do List

It can be nearly impossible to find someone, or many someon’s, to complete your ongoing digital to-do list. With Dapper Dog’s various fields of expertise, we can handle them all. Design, web, video, updates, and more…

If you need it, we can handle it.

*Your VIP Design Day is booking a professional for a blocked out day of undivided attention – not to exceed 7 hours. It is not a guarantee on deliverables.

How much we get done depends on your quick responses throughout the day to any questions that may arise, and thoroughly completing and providing everything that is needed in advance.

With your VIP Day you will receive:


Kick-Off Strategy - Call

We can either have an in-depth get to know you call, or you can fill out a Questionnaire. The choice is yours.

Personalized Priority List

Let us know what is most important for us to accomplish for the day.

30 - Day Support

For any questions or bug fixes.*

*This does not include additional design time, or updates.

What happens when we’re done? FAQ

What is the investment?
Just $2,000 for a dedicated digital and web professional!
Do I need to do anything before-hand?
There will most likely be some homework on your part. We will have a discovery call, or you will fill out a questionnaire.
Items may include :

  • Content – “About me” – “Services” – Prices, Business info, etc.
  • Marketing Materials. Some companies already have a set of branding rules to follow – fonts, color palettes, imagery, etc. – if you do, then we will need all of those things ready to go. If you don’t, that can be one of the tasks for the day.
Are there any other costs involved?
This depends entirely on your selected projects. Here are a few example items that are not included in the price:

  • Printing Costs
  • Hosting Costs for a Website
  • Domain Registration Costs
  • PPC – Pay Per Click – Budget Costs
What happens after my VIP is complete?
After the VIP Day, you will receive 30 days of support. This support is to discuss any questions or concerns about work completed during the VIP Day. This support does not include additional design revisions that exceed what was completed during the VIP Day. If additional work is needed, you’ll have the option to book an additional half-or full-day intensive or a retainer.