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Industry: Kids Online Clothing Shop

About the project

Romp’d is is really special client. I grew up with the founder and creator, Andrea, in a tiny little town in Eastern Washington. We were, of course, friends on Facebook.

Over the last couple of years she started creating the most amazing hand made kids Rompers out of vintage and pop culture T-shirts. Seriously BRILLIANT! Not only was the product amazing, but I had just had a baby myself, so I quickly became a customer myself.

I digress…

I had been bugging Andrea to let me help get her product up on a dedicated site, as up to this point she had only been selling on Facebook. I knew a truly amazing product when I saw one, and I really wanted to get in on it and help her! I finally convinced her and she now has the tools to reach a larger audience and take her business to the next level!

The kidswearrompd.com website is as wild and unique as her product. Her selling platform is a bit unique as well. Romp’d sells around what is called “drops”. She will announce a “drop” a few days ahead of time. Then when the time has come, hundreds of rompers will appear on the site and the frenzy begins.

The first drop she did on the website was a little nuts. I had no idea the mayhem that would ensue watching people snatching up her products so quickly.

This website is also yet another example of why it is so important that your website is mobile ready and easily navigated. Most websites will see mobile traffic around 55%. Not Romp’d. Their mobile traffic is pushing a whopping 90%!! That means most people are most likely watching the FB page for drop times, then jumping to the site at go time. So it was absolutely imperative that we had a smoother mobile experience.

So check out the site, and if you have kids, or know someone who does, get a romper. They are seriously the BEST!

What we did

  • Ecommerce
  • Graphic Design
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Speed Optimized